Fall Favorites – 2020

I have a red plaid-patterned flannel from Freenote that I can’t look at without thinking of the spring morning I wore it to work at the grocery store and an employee of mine told me it was really more appropriate for fall (I’m refraining from making comments about her wardrobe choices). A pillar of a versatile, semi-minimalist closet, in my opinion, is free of distinction by season. Sure – I put sweaters away for the summer, but aside from that one very foliage-friendly flannel, most things work year-round.

That being said, the change of season from summer to fall is the time of year most socially-acceptable to look like something out of a Frog and Toad book. (That’s my shit.) Here are a few of my favorite pieces and fits for Uncle Lukey’s Fall 2020.

1. Lined Long Haul Jacket in Harvest Tan Dry Wax – Taylor Stitch

Technically, this first piece arrived when it was way too sweaty out to even think about a lined jacket. I remember trying it on upstairs and sweating by the time I was downstairs to show it off. Waxed canvas has been on my list for a minute – keeping an eye on brands like the Encampment Co. for the right time to pull the trigger.

Taylor Stitch’s Long Haul silhouette has been attractive for a while – they ran a model of it in a darker canvas a season or so ago that almost made it’s way into my rotation, but I’m glad I held off. The 13oz blanket line is just enough to make it three-season friendly, and the corduroy detailing does it for me. This piece is in production now – the guys at TS were generous enough to send a fit sample for me to break in – but should be on the site soon.

The hiccup is the same with this piece as with a lot of other TS I have (and I do hear about it from time to time) – and that’s the manufacturing outside of the US. I was tripped up for a while too, until I had a face-to-face with some of the team while at an American Field in Austin. It was put pretty simply – you can manufacture outside of the US ethically, and sometimes, yielding a better product. Does that ring true here? Yes.

My Long Haul paired with a past-season TS Leeward flannel, my trusty Throne watch, and well-worn Knickerbocker watch cap. (Type I, RIP.)
2. Flagship Hoodie – HFA Goods

Okay, I almost slept on this one. Tyler has become a good friend in the last year and on the top of the list of dudes I will always want to support – but did I need another sweatshirt?

I practically live in my CMBD x FITZ gray pullover sweatshirt. I love IG for styling and putting kits together, but fuck – I’m in that sweatshirt and one of two pairs of jeans minimum four days a week.

Upon unboxing the new hoodie from HFA, I texted Charles. “He beat us, man.” This thing was comfortable right out of the mailbox. Does it challenge the boundaries of style? No. Does everything have to? Also no. He’s got a couple left – don’t sleep.

The new four-days-a-week kit.
3. Heritage Chinos – Charles Miller Brand Denim

Another one I didn’t take seriously. In part feeling like I need to stay in my lane with denim, and in part feeling like “tan pants” or “brown pants” were too much of a throwback to typecast-as-Republican-Dad high school Lukey, I wasn’t initially going to get on board with Charles’ fall chino drop.

But, honestly, it was the selvedge line that got me. They are, respectfully, so damn sleek. I told Charles upon hitting “purchase” that I’d make an effort for these to be once-a-week in the rotation, and that won’t be an issue. The fit is in line with denim I’ve owned from CMBD in the past, but these hit different. The pockets are different, the Traveler fit is right (I was expecting to want to do a taper, but don’t feel a need now), and the leather patch is a classy value-add.

I’d size up if you’re considering grabbing a pair. You won’t regret it – this fall grab has me one step closer to full-blown Frog and Toad.

You don’t spend thousands of dollars on shitty tattoos to not turn around and take this shot. It’s what the people want.
4. Crissman Overshirt in Loden Mix – Dehen 1920

Dehen 1920 was on my radar beforehand, but one of the brands I’ve learned to love through American Field. If you don’t know, you should do the research, but in short – they’re (in their own words) a 100-year-old start up.

Adding a piece of their collection to mine was calculated and with intention – no doubt a pricey pick-up. I will say this – once I made the selection and bit the bullet, it’s the best I’ve felt about making a purchase in a long time, maybe in the entire time I’ve been into heritage.

I went with the Crissman – their take on the classic overshirt – in a dark forest green wool/loden blend. It’s heavy – to be the most outer layer, and will take some time (years, maybe) to break in to the point of supreme comfort. Construction is exactly what you would expect from a brand that survived the last 100 years – classic, with it own unique details. 10/10, in my book.

I think when considering my next Dehen piece, I’ll probably size down. I am a pretty consistent large in the heavy hitters in my collection – both Freenote and TS are a perfect fit – so I went the same for the Crissman. This one works for me in this size because it is truly a layering piece – but if this was to serve as the only layer, I’d probably want to size down to a medium for a slimmer fit. I love the Crissman cut, and I think my next one would be in a lighter fabric. But there may be a sweater or cardigan in my future, if we can get this stallion to settle down.

Letty approved.

Put it all together, and the theme is simple pieces that are build for fall into winter and back into spring again – the way it should be. One question remains:

At the end of the day – who wore it better?

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