Apocalypse in Denim : Maker Dream Team for the End of Days

I am sack-deep in Lost. I’ve watched the show through probably four or five times – this is the first time that I’m really coming to awareness of just how bad it is, but I keep coming back for the base concept. Plane crash, strangers, figure out how to survive, guns.

Last time I was watching the series, I was working at a grocery store, cutting fruit in a white room with no windows. We’d talk (if I wasn’t left alone – yikes) for hours on survival theory and who from our small team would survive and who would die. Love that shit.

Now, in 2020, the world is on fire. My pipedream end-of-days scenario feels close, familiar, and not too far off from present day. So – in the spirit of impending and ongoing hellfire, I thought I’d put together a short list of the makers and brands I’d want on my team for the apocalypse – ideally, in some kind of late-90’s model Cherokee, with machetes.

* Keep in mind – merit is awarded on both personal aptitude to survive AND heartiness of goods in apocalyptic setting.

1. Jess from Poorwill

Jess is one of the ORIGINAL denim homies. So, there’s loyalty. But there’s lots of loyalty. I’d pick Jess to ride shotgun because homegirl is r e s o u r c e f u l. There’s no saying if we have plane rubble or abandoned bunkers or whatever to build shelter and refuge. Jess would make it happen. Plus – every place we’ve met up in real life is always shady. Underbelly of New York? Weird abandoned ship yard in the Bay? All on brand.

Pros: Probably #1 maker (in my opinion) when it comes to repurposing materials in her shop, creating new stuff out of things that would otherwise get thrown away. Points for being the first leatherworker in my sphere of consciousness.
Cons: When we were hanging out in New York, her feet got tired and we had to stop walking and watch The Lego Movie in the movie theater.

The desert-print bandana is from Jess’ Joshua Tree-inspired collection from the Aegis Handcraft days. My mom gave me this deer antler knife for Christmas a handful of years ago. I only break it out for cosplaying someone who would survive a crisis. (Deadpool mask not included.)

2. Sam from Reed Hammer and Needle

A newcomer has entered the game! Sam from RH&N is an IRL-friend and local maker – we had first connected a few years ago when he was figuring out leathercraft, but these days I’m really blown away by the quality on his custom knife and blade-work. Not to mention – he’s a Washington native, from the Idaho side, where I assume you have to fend for your life daily from bears and caribou and that kind of shit. Heritage AND local folks who aren’t following Sam – I’d say you should jump on it.

Pros: The actual closest person I know to Bear Grylls in real life. Above-average sized hands. Have had conversations at length about making swords.
Cons: We worked at the same grocery store. Would we get caught up talking old drama while The Others steal the babies from camp? Likely.

Sam forged the cuff (center right) just for my tiny, dainty wrist.

3. Chris from Godspeed Co.

Godspeed is pure modern Americana – but not just making the list on aesthetic. I’ve gotten to know Chris, one of the co-founders, through IG and a few projects with AF. Good dude, straight to the point, direct. That’s what you need when you’re evading zombies (not sure if they’re part of the equation, not a big zombie dude, but gotta be all-inclusive).

Pros: I don’t know, man, dude just reads bad ass. Their mantra – “We Will Not Go Quietly” – that says it all. That’s a throat-kick mantra.
Cons: Every time I go to type “Godspeed Co” I always type “Godspeedo”. Could be an issue.

Red isn’t for everyone, but it’s for me. I’ve had the Godspeed Shop Rag shirt for a few years – my dad has one in black, too – gets better with every wear. Brass buttons could be worth something in the underground trade, or to melt into bullets, in which case I’d always have my shirt open. Just like in Lost.

4. Mark from Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck was one of the first brands in the heritage world to come across my radar, when a friend of a friend was running their brick and mortar on Newbury in Boston. Didn’t know years later I’d be working for American Field, the sister-company of B&B (started by the same founder). They’re all about miUSA for the outdoors – hunting, fishing, the like. That being said, I’m not a hunter. I am terrified of guns and their repercussions. You know, like killing people. The only time I’ve ever fired a gun was at a company retreat at Mark’s property in Massachusetts. 10/10 for safety, 2/25 for actually hitting the clays. Gotta have that skillset, though (need a Locke to my Jack), so Mark earns a spot.

Pros: Last time we spoke on the phone, Mark told me he decided on a whim he was going to drive for five hours through the night to hunt an elk that his friend saw. I would eat. I would eat well.
Cons: Doesn’t matter the circumstance – plague, war, nuclear fallout – given the option between surviving and working, put us together and we’d probably choose working.

A few shots from that weekend … because, aesthetic…

So, now poses the real question – what even qualifies me to be a part of this fantasy dream team? Well, nothing. This is my blog and my rules. Just kidding. Little-known-fact: I had a hot minute in college where I was pursuing a career in wilderness emergency medicine. Carried a certification in it for a while. I’m still fun at parties if you give me a ski pole and pretend to have a broken leg.

Think I forgot you? Did I miss a brand we couldn’t live without? You know where to tell me. Stay safe.

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