Commonwealth Provisions : a photo story

In the pop-up world, candles are around every corner. The really good ones stick out. I’ve made friends with the gang at Commonwealth Provisions – a husband-and-wife-run home goods brand, focused on fragrance. I picked up a Blue Ridge Campfire candle at the American Field in DC last year around this time, and just restocked for the new year a week or so back.

This has been the year of incense cones. Incense sticks, as a general rule, are a little too my-grandma’s-ex-boyfriend for me. Cones are where it’s at. How do they work? I don’t have an answer. But they look cool. I took some into the shop this week – here’s the results. Not pictured: it smelled good.

I’m not going to pretend to know what I’m talking about when it comes to describing the scents. But at this point, I’ve been around them all, and I can tell you my favorites. Blue Ridge Campfire was my gateway. Still really dig the deep, deep smokiness. Pine + Leather is both exactly what it sounds like and not what you would imagine. The sleeping winner is Eucalyptus + Sea Salt – it’s fresh. It’s smoke, but it’s fresh. I don’t get how they make it happen, but it’s 10/10. What I can say about the collection as a whole: all of the scents are inherently and effortlessly genderless. That’s cool, and (I imagine) hard to nail.

Lots of respect for Luke at Commonwealth. The branding is tight, the message is clear, and the product is powerful. You can find more on their website or Instagram – and, they’ve been generous and given me a code for you to use for 10% off your order til the end of the year. Use “FITZ10” at checkout.

(Worth noting as well – Commonwealth Provisions donates a chunk of each sale to animal rescue. Letty approved.)

If you like what you saw here, and are looking to see your product or brand story in this kind of light – let’s talk.

This is an un-sponsored, un-affiliate post – I don’t make money off this – just sharing cool friends that do cool stuff.

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