The Off-Season – a photo story

It’s been a minute. The combination of snow melt and/or bright, reflective white blind (I haven’t worn sunglasses my whole life) has sucked a lot of the interest out when it comes to breaking the camera out. Today was a rare-ish day off together, matched with ambition to take a little drive and the right kind of overcast – I might have found my way out of it.

We spent the early afternoon in Gloucester, MA, a fishing town about 40 miles North of Boston. In my mind, the off-season is the only time to go.

Our Tisha hadn’t been to the beach before. This one might not really count. Beaches are sandy, and these beaches were all rocks. She was good – minus some car sickness – not stoked on the waves, but we haven’t lost optimism. She’ll be a swimmer.

This was the first time it was really the three of us doing our thing together. We’ve figured out our rhythm at home, and this was the furthest we’d ventured since an IKEA trip last fall. We barely ran into another person – perfect – so Tish had her run of the roost.

We’re coming up on a crazy couple of weeks, which will turn into a crazy couple of months, that may turn into a year of little time to sneak away on days like this. I’m glad there’s a few (not-puke-stained) memories to hold on to.

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