I’m here for the stories.

Growing up in a family of artists, I was infected with a love for community and telling big stories at an early age. As a part of the leadership team at Chester Theatre Company, an Equity house in Chester, MA, I worked on the administration and marketing of full-scale off-Broadway productions, including the world premiere of Arms on Fire in 2013 (written by the team behind Spring Awakening), as well as taught and directed aspiring young actors at several high schools, colleges, and universities in Western Massachusetts.

Following the theatre, I broke into the raw denim and heritage workwear scene, co-founding a small online menswear store in 2017 – following the theme of telling important stories of heritage, ethical production, and intentionality. In the years since, I’ve evolved from blowing out the crotch of an eBay-ed pair of Tellasons in a bowling alley to partnering up and designing limited-run collaborations with independent workwear brands like Charles Miller Brand Denim and Okay Denim Co. You can follow along with my journey in style and workwear on Instagram, or learn more from my 2019 interview with Denimhunters.

Joining the team at American Field has hybridized some of my favorite skill sets and experiences – navigating new cities, building community, and providing a platform for cool brands to tell their stories to consumers that give a shit – all coming together to achieve a life-long goal of being the fun uncle to thousands of brands across the US. 

I live in the hills of Western Massachusetts with my girlfriend, Elaine, and our sweet boxer-hound, Letty. When I’m not thinking small-biz strategy, I’m either relaxing at my family’s farm in the Berkshires, eating chicken tenders, or in pursuit of the perfect balance of fast and furious.

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