I’m here for the story.

Through wearing many hats (photographer, store owner, influencer, event manager, strategist, or amateur event load-out champion), I’ve forged a unique and authentic perspective on how brands can build lifelong relationships with the intentional consumer. I’m looking for the next opportunity to elevate and evolve alongside independent, mission-forward brands, with no fear to jump in and get my hands dirty.

I grew up in a family of artists and understood the importance of telling big stories at an early age. With context that I was, in fact, a theater kid in high school, this story begins in arts administration and marketing of full-scale productions at Chester Theatre Company, an Equity house in Chester, MA. I got my first real taste of design, event production, and keeping the doors of a small business open.

My entry into style and workwear was in co-founding Stockyard Supply, an American-made menswear e-commerce store. I led marketing + launch efforts, curated opening product line-up, and aided in restructuring the business model and rebranding upon the company’s relocation to Central California. In the years since, I’ve grown a 24k+ following and a curated, intentional list of brand partners, including Danner, Taylor Stitch, Harley Davidson, Wrangler + Field Notes.

American Field brings innovative and emerging brands together with qualified consumers at in-person retail marketplaces. Joining the admin team in 2019 hybridized my favorite skill sets: navigating new cities, building community, and providing a platform for cool brands to tell their stories to consumers that give a shit. In addition to pop-up, I’ve focused on Spaces (AF’s Airbnb-for-storefronts platform), acting as a matchmaker between our community of 2.5k+ brands and commercial landlords across the US. Listen to interviews with my favorite founders on Fireside, a podcast I’ve hosted with AF since 2020.

With the event landscape shifting during the pandemic, I invested deeper into visual design with serious camera upgrade and investment of spare time. A lifelong intolerance for inauthenticity guides my eye -it’s always been about telling the story. Personal + family sessions are available by request.

Smallhand is an amalgamation of all of the above and more – a branded umbrella for freelance work. I help brands sharpen their image and storytelling through product and lifestyle photography, coaching in brand identity + voice, and operational + marketing consulting. Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

I live and work in Holyoke, MA – a historic New England mill city – with my girlfriend, Elaine, and our sweet rescue pup, Letty. When I’m not thinking small-biz strategy, I’m either relaxing at my family’s farm in the Berkshires, eating chicken tenders, or in pursuit of the perfect balance of fast and furious.